Carrier technician explaining a furnace to a younger couple

With the winter weather taking it’s toll on your home this year, ensure your furnace is running at peak performance with a few simple tips:

  1. Keep the Filter Clean. Clean or replace your furnace filter at the beginning of the heating season for peak performance. Check it once a month during frequent use.

  2. Check the Insulation As your furnace ages, the insulation around the door may get brittle and break off, causing the furnace to clog if the fan pulls in the small pieces. If you notice this happening, it may be time for a replacement.

  3. Keep your Vents Clean Vacuum out your floor or wall vents and keep them free of debris or anything that will restrict air flow. Obstructions can shorten the life of your furnace by causing it to work harder.

  4. Have Your Furnace Inspected Schedule a yearly inspection of your furnace to ensure it runs at peak performance.

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